The Therapies


Think of your feet as representing your body in miniature. There are points or “reflexes” on the feet (and the hands too, and even the ears!) which correspond to the body’s organs and systems.









By assessing and then stimulating these reflexes with gentle pressure, it is possible to discern imbalances in the body and so encourage the body’s own miraculous self-healing ability.
With its origins in the earliest civilisations, reflexology has been around a long time and has been used to help in the management of health imbalances as well as bringing a sense of wellbeing and stress relief.

What to expect
The initial consultation and first treatment takes about 1.5 hours. It’s important for me to understand your health history and what you would like to achieve from your treatment. You will receive the treatment in a comfortable reclining chair, so you can just lie back and relax! Subsequent treatment appointments take 1 hour including pre-questions and aftercare advice.

Reflexology Menu
Foot Reflexology £40 (first consultation £45)
Hand Reflexology £30 (first consultation £35)
(Hand reflexology takes around 40 mins)

Specialist Sequences for feet:

Adapted Reflextherapy (AdRx) £40
Incorporated into the traditional foot routine, AdRx was developed by  physiotherapist/reflexologist Gunnel Berry to specifically address spinal problems most notably whiplash injuries and back pain.

AromaReflex £47.50
Your own aromatherapy massage cream of 3 essential oils blended specifically to suit your needs, then used for your treatment and yours to take away.

NEPIP (NeuroEndoPsychoImmunoPody) £42
Incorporated into the traditional foot routine, this sequence links 4 major systems of the body for optimal health and balance – the neurological system, the endocrine system, the limbic system and the lymphatic system. Some guided visualisations are included to maximise the impact of the reflexology.

Chakra Balancing and Energy Linking £40
We’re all made of energy! Incorporated into the traditional foot routine, the 7 major chakras (base to crown) can be balanced through the feet. “Linking” techniques pass energy through distinct points in the feet corresponding to specific parts of the body to encourage self-healing.
There are also sequences specific in fertility, maternity, and palliative care charged as traditional foot reflexology.

Indian Head Massage

Believed to have its origins in the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda, Indian head massage was developed by “Rishis” or wise/holy men around 1800BC in the Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent. The basic principle is one of holistic health, with massage an acknowledged method of cleansing and maintaining the body, whilst conferring a feeling of mental wellbeing.

What to expect
Your first consultation and treatment will take up to an hour with subsequent treatments lasting about 35-40 minutes including pre-questions and aftercare advice. You will be seated in a comfortable upright chair with your shoulders exposed. The treatment covers the neck and shoulders with various massage techniques, moving onto the head and scalp. Acupressure points around the face and ears are stimulated.

Indian Head Massage £30 (initial consultation £35)


From Japanese origins, Reiki is a means of sharing the most beautiful calming and healing energies to still a busy mind and bring a sense of meditative calm. The body’s own healing mechanisms are profound, and, once in a state of deep relaxation, healing on all levels can be encouraged by the movement of this wonderful life-force energy, mind, body and spirit.









What to expect
Reiki is received whilst lying down on a comfortable therapy couch  but can also be adapted to a sitting position if preferred. You remain clothed and will be offered a blanket for warmth if desired as some people may feel temperature changes during the treatment. The practitioner will place their hands gently over points of the body, welcoming the flow of this beautiful energy for the highest good (a “no touch” technique can be used if preferred). The experience is a very individual one. Much can be gained during a treatment to enhance overall wellbeing and truly create that “space for stillness”, sometimes elusive in our busy lives.

The treatment will take up to 50 minutes and slightly longer for the first consultation  £35.00