The Healing Path

I became aware of the healer Harry Edwards during my teenage years when my mother spoke of him and the amazing healing work he publicly gave in the first half of the last century. This time in my life sparked an interest and pursuit of a spiritual path which has never left me. I trained to be a nurse after working in a hospice, and have always felt a great deal of compassion towards anyone who suffers, often feeling compelled to reach toward them and touch them in some way. Harry Edwards formed his Healing Sanctuary in Surrey as a registered charity in 1966.  I was lucky enough to develop some of my skills there in 2011. I was moved by the deep peace and beauty of the sanctuary and its tree-filled grounds – a true place of healing.

It seems the concept and acceptability of energy and healing has come full circle from its earliest origins. I find it interesting that at one time it was a natural part of being, with a generalised acceptance of the mind-body-spirit connection. Healers in early history were respected and consulted for their abilities to channel healing energy for the wellbeing of community members. 

As medicine developed generally, conventional approaches and the acceptance of healing energies grew apart a little, which makes Harry’s work so remarkable for the times he lived in. He passed away in 1976, but his legacy lives on in the sanctuary.

Our search for not only physical but also emotional-mental balance in our busy lives seems to be influencing a paradigm shift, where many conventional doctors of medicine are working in concert with complimentary therapists, achieving the best possible outcomes for their patients. It is good to be a part of that as a holistic practitioner in our modern times.

A Perfect Day

I had a treatment myself today from my friend and fellow reflexologist Jackie Sexton at The Limes Therapies in Rossett. We chatted about innovative reflexology techniques like AdRx which we both use in our practice to good effects where back and neck pain may be the presenting problems.

Jackie shared some excellent approaches to women’s health reflexology as described in the work of Advanced Reflexologist Hagar Basis. Working the endocrine system through the feet may assist hormonal balance, so key in many women’s health issues, whatever their age. I can highly recommend Jackie, so do pay a visit to The Limes if you’re in the area of the England/Wales border. You can visit her website here:

Being in the locality today I couldn’t resist a walk in the stunning Llandegla forest where these photos show what a sunny February day we had! A mountain-bikers paradise, Llandegla also has some beautiful walking trails to take you deep into the still of the forest and the silence there. In turn you are taken deeply into the stillness of yourself; so healing. What a perfect day!

Out of the Grey


As I write I’m watching the birds through my therapy room window feverishly pecking at the overflowing bird-feeders hanging in the trees around the garden. Beautifully coloured little finches that I’ve never even seen before, nor even knew existed, join with robins and sparrows to gorge on the seeds and nuts.

The ravages of winter are evident in the stark, dark spindly branches of the garden trees, stripped bare and accented against a pale grey sky. Yet in these little creatures, bright, alive, darting and bursting with energy, life pulsates and reminds us of its constant presence.

Sometimes, the pressures of living in our modern world can leave us feeling like “winter on the inside”. Here at A Space for Stillness my hope, through the therapies, is to help bring a flock of colours to your inner landscape in those times of stress. When we feel energised and connected everything is easier to deal with. Gradually winter turns to spring….

Even now as I glance again through the window there are gentle yellow bars of sunlight cutting through the grey and heralding the bluest of skies.