Out of the Grey


As I write I’m watching the birds through my therapy room window feverishly pecking at the overflowing bird-feeders hanging in the trees around the garden. Beautifully coloured little finches that I’ve never even seen before, nor even knew existed, join with robins and sparrows to gorge on the seeds and nuts.

The ravages of winter are evident in the stark, dark spindly branches of the garden trees, stripped bare and accented against a pale grey sky. Yet in these little creatures, bright, alive, darting and bursting with energy, life pulsates and reminds us of its constant presence.

Sometimes, the pressures of living in our modern world can leave us feeling like “winter on the inside”. Here at A Space for Stillness my hope, through the therapies, is to help bring a flock of colours to your inner landscape in those times of stress. When we feel energised and connected everything is easier to deal with. Gradually winter turns to spring….

Even now as I glance again through the window there are gentle yellow bars of sunlight cutting through the grey and heralding the bluest of skies.

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